July 12, 2018

2018 ProBaja



After a clean victory in Los Barriles race, Class 8 Open #812, driven by Tony Wille and co-driver Steve Spears team up with 6-time consecutive Class 8 Champion, Andrea Tomba, although Andrea has been participating is mostly other classes since his last Championship in 2014.

Andrea had his crew chief Pio and the rest of the TANOM Racing crew give the forever faithful stead, “La Iguana” a race prep to get ready for the always intense racing that take place at the ProBaja race track in la Paz, where the 1.2km course, full of tight turns and walls and holes tend to always make for an emotional, if not nerve wrecking race. Maibea Noe decided to taste the thrill of short course racing first hand, and really feel what close contact is by volunteering to jump into the co-driver seat.


Contingency was pumping, being held at the heart of the shopping center “Shoppes At La Paz”, and teams and fans prepared themselves for a hot Sunday at the races.


Class 8 was going to be a tight race. Two trucks competed which have raced in Trophy Truck category before, mainly for being half backed and having the engine set back severely, but it was fun to have some strong competition and big motors out there. In the draw, Andrea drew 2nd place, right in the middle of the new Class 8 Truck running for Team Balazo, and on the other, the “TROKA PERRONA”, with whom Andrea has definitely rubbed paint on several occasions. From the start, the three trucks take off very evenly, and Andrea manages to get the hole shot. Immediately, the duel starts with Team Balazo, trading paint, well, more like pieces of fiberglass, and Andrea keeps him off until they brake a spindle and DNF. The “TROKA PERRONA” can smell blood, and overtakes Andrea in a corner, and the next five laps Andrea is in a tight chase, until he avoids getting slammed into the wall, as he retakes first place and keeps driving to victory. It was a nail biter for sure, and a battle on the track, and beers together afterwards!


As always, our race effort couldn’t have been possible without the constant support and help of:

Quaker State, Vision X Lighting, Optima Batteries, K&N filters, ARNIAN Logistics.