December 19, 2016

Option 3: Class 8 Open



TANOM Racing’s Andrea Tomba has won 7 different Southern Baja Championships in Class 8, and loves the “fun for the dollar aspect” of racing Class 8. It is a great and comfortable fast style of racing with plenty of sponsor real estate without the huge costs of racing a Trophy Truck. We have two Class 8 trucks available for a lease package.


  • ™New 2” chrome alloy cage for increased safety.
  • ™ 392 FORD RACING Crate motor 550HP.
  • ™Newly Culhane serviced ex- Robby Gordon C-6 transmission.
  • ™Chrisman rear end with 5:14 ring & pinion.
  • ™26 inches rear travel 4 linked suspension.
  • ™16 inches travel on front I-beamed suspension.
  • ™SPARCO seats.
  • ™110 watt 2-way radio and intercom.
  • ™New Custom built Steering Box with new HOWE hydraulic steering Rod.
  • ™New Fiberglass body.

™You are responsible for all of your additional race costs, such a fuel, registration, licenses, crew expenses, lodging, food and drinks etc. Estimates available upon request.

™We expect to have the cars returned in the condition in which we leased them to you at the end of the season.

This package includes:

  • ™Pit support by following vehicles: A box van, a F350 and a F250, with radios etc.
  • ™A pre-runner: Either a caged 4 door F150 with H&M front suspension and a leaf spring in the rear, or a three seater 4 linked Bronco with I beam front suspension (2 WD). Once you tell us which vehicle you want, it would be set aside for your exclusive use for the duration of the season.
  • ™Full race prep.
  • ™Race Logistics and local hotel reservations made for you etc.
  • ™Support and chase crew™
  • ™We will pre-run the course prior to your arrival, already plotting GPS trail, as well as marking waypoints, dangers etc.