5:11 TACTICAL: a brand ready to take on the challenges that we put on it in the Desert!

We spend a lot of time in the desert. In the desert, in the dust, in the heat, in the cold, in cars, in trucks, under cars, on the beach, amongst cacti, on the beach… Sometimes, all of the above in just one day!!! And we spend a LOT of days of the year in these conditions, which really put the brands of clothing and accessories that we use to an extreme test. And our needs are simple. We need something that can handle all the rough treatment that we dash out at it, we need something comfortable as well as resistant, as we jump in and out of cars and cages, we need to carry tools and accessories with us, mixed up between bags and our person, always needing emergency equipment handy, sometimes in testing situations such as in a crash or roll over.

So we were extremely happy when we came across the 5:11 Tactical brand (http://www.511tactical.com/ ) and their great range of products, focused on helping its wearers to “ALWAYS BE READY” which fit our needs as a glove! If you are like us, and love tough wearing, practical tactical equipment, take a minute and check out their selection. We have already fallen in love with their Recon Desert Boot, which offer comfortable protection even when walking around in the Desert, and the knife pocket gives us an excellent location to carry a knife in the unlikely event of a roll over. The Fast-Tac Cargo Pants again offer tough yet light material with a whole combination of storage pockets. The RUSH backpacks are also totally down our street, as we can pack everything that we need for a longer pre-run in the 24 or 72 hours back pack, whilst placing all our important documents, phones, GPS etc. in the smaller 6” or 10” Rush MOAB Bag, which is easily fastened to the back pack at the end of the day, making it easy to keep everything together when making your way to your hotel or your next vehicle.


If you haven’t seen the 5:11 Tactical’ s catalogue yet, take a look on http://www.511tactical.com/ and we think that you will enjoy it as much as we do.