Felipe, affectionately known as PIO, was born in La Paz, and fell in love with Off Road racing before he even knew how to walk we think!
His father was an off road motorcycle racer, and from as early as he can remember, Pio and his family were at every baja 1000, at every off road race possible, to cheer on their favorite drivers. Pio can name you not only most cars that have raced in the history of the Baja 1000, but drivers, anecdotes and all that other incredible information on off road racing. Following his love for racing, Pio quickly decided that he was to follow a career in Mechanics, and quickly worked for several teams, including being the crew chief for successful teams such as FRADISA, and being main mechanics for Gastellum Motorsports, Paularena Motorsports before becoming Crew Chief at ATRacing.
With Andrea, they quickly gelled, and Pio has been sitting in the right seat since 2011 in most Andrea’s races, and his quick thinking and determination are undeniable attributes.

A great mechanic with a infectious smile, Pio is a great attribute to the No Limit crew.