Chase & Support


In Off Road racing, as well as Baja Excursions, having the right support where and when you need it is vital! A race car is only a small part of what constitutes a team, as there are pit vehicles, quick fills, fuel towers, radio equipment, satellite phones which wait at a specific place for the race car, to give them fuel, give the truck a look over and to help with any eventual problems,

However, in Off Road racing, you sometimes have a problem where you would least want to, and you have to have something that can get to you as quickly as possible, in order to get you moving again. Called chase trucks, they can service a vehicle anywhere in the desert. Each truck is outfitted with radio communications, VISION X Lights to brighten up the lonely nights, BFGoodrich Tires, Optima Batteries, K&N Filters, tools, spare race parts and spare tires.

Of course, apart from the vehicles, you need to have  the crew and team to be able to pull it all of.