TT #90


Jimmy Weitzel is mostly known as a luxury Off Road pre-runner fabricator, building top end pre-runners with Trophy suspension and performance, with the comfort and drivability of a Cadillac. In this Trophy, which is a little larger and heavier perhaps than most of the competition, Jimmy has found a perfect balance in between speed, reliability and suspension.

  • Fabricator:                  WEITZEL MOTORSPORTS (SANTEE)
  • Year of Manufacture: 2011
  • SCORE Tag:                 3565
  • Engine:                        Chevy 442ci built by VIC HILL with SB2 Heads.
  • Transmission:             CULHANE built Turbo 400
  • Rear End:                    DIRT TECH 4” rear axle housing and TUBEWORK underdrive
  • Steering:                      HOWE
  • Brakes:                        STOPTECH 6 pistons Calipers
  • Batteries:                    Dual OPTIMA RED TOP
  • Filters:                          K&N Racing Filters
  • Lights:                          VISION-X 8” HID XP, 6.7” CANON and 22”inch LED Bar.
  • Front Suspension:      4.0 14” By-Pass shocks and 3.0 14” Coil-Overs shocks
  • Rear Suspension:       4.0 18” By-Pass shocks and 3.0 16” Coil-Over shocks
  • Seats:                           SPARCO
  • Tires:                           BFGoodrich 39×13.50×17 KR2
  • Wheels:                       KMC
  • Radio:                          PCI RACE RADIOS Kenwood 110W and Intercom
  • Navigation:                  Two Lowrance GPS by PCI RACE RADIOS