If you have taken the time to look through this site a little, you will probably notice that although we love avant-guard technology, we are pretty much… old school! You will find that we love the older style looks on some of the trucks and buggies, as well as respecting the locals and their environment, acknowledging that their home is not just an extended playing field for us!
That attitude also interprets in our aim to be up front with people. No small print. No false expectations. No sugar coating.
What you are planning to get involved in, includes some very dangerous activities, that involve the possibility of serious personal injury, maiming or death. You may very well be many, many miles from the nearest hospital or evacuation center, and it may be a fair amount of time before you can get proper medical assistance. (NOTE: ALL OUR GUIDES ARE MEDIC FIRST AID TRAINED). By now, if you are the kind of person who found are site because you are looking for adventure, you are probably accustomed to reading this in ALL your liability releases. However, in this case it is more than that. This is very real, and by saying that it is real, is that you are responsible for everything that you do on these adventures, and you actions can affect other people, your friends whom are passengers in your vehicle, third party property or animals. Remember that. To discover baja in a true, free sense, is most definitely a privilege, but it is also a responsibility, and not a light one.
Another point that we have to warn you about, especially if you are coming racing with us. This is from, undeniable, personal experience, and from several of our past customers and friends. Racing is addictive. Totally addictive!!! Please be prepared for that should you decide that you want to come and “try your hand” at racing with us. Be prepared that approximately three to four days after you step out of the race vehicle ( for the first couple of days it will just seem like an unreal haze, mixed in with tiredness and the taste of dirt…) but after three or four days, it will become almost impossible for you to think about anything else but when you can get to race again. And your passion will keep growing… And whilst your boss may frown upon your new screensaver of your race truck catching some serious air, or your wife confused why you want to plan another romantic week end away… in Baja…. during a week end when there just happens to be a big race on, we KNOW what is going on… So when you come back and you see us smile and discretely nod at you as you start explaining to the family how much fun they will have watching the race.

So be prepared!