Option 2: The Jimmy WIETZEL TANOM Trophy Truck

Jimmy Wietzel is well known for building luxury trophy truck style pre-runners and he used this experience when he designed and built this Trophy Truck. An extremely stable platform, yet surprisingly maneuverable, this truck is a lot of fun to drive. As with most trucks that are “new” to a team, this season really allowed us to get to know the truck, dial her in and find where we could improve her. Now she is ready to face the Southern Baja competition in the top class, and give you a great experience in an incredible environment and ambiance, in a truly amazing vehicle.

™You are responsible for all of your direct additional race costs, such a fuel, registration, licenses, crew expenses, lodging, food and drinks etc. Estimates can be provided on request

™We expect to have the cars put back to the condition in which we gave them to you at the end of the season.

This package includes:

  • ™Pit support by following vehicles: A box van, a F350 and a F250, with radios etc.
  • ™A pre-runner: Either a caged 4 door F150 with H&M front suspension and a leaf spring in the rear, or a three seater 4 linked Bronco with I beam front suspension (2 WD). Once you tell us which vehicle you want, it would be set aside for your exclusive use for the duration of the season.
  • ™Full race prep.
  • ™Race Logistics and local hotel reservations made for you etc.
  • ™Support and chase crew™
  • ™We will pre-run the course prior to your arrival, already plotting GPS trail, as well as marking waypoints, dangers etc.



™Year of Manufacture:2011

™SCORE Tag:   3565

™Engine:   Chevy 442ci built by VIC HILL with SB2 Heads.

™Transmission:   CULHANE built Turbo 400

™Rear End:   DIRT TECH 4” rear axle housing and TUBEWORK underdrive

™Steering:   HOWE

™Brakes:   STOPTECH 6 pistons Calipers

™Batteries:   Dual OPTIMA RED TOP

™Filters:   K&N Racing Filters

™Lights:   VISION-X 8” HID XP, 6.7” CANON and 22”inch LED Bar.

™Front Suspension:   4.0 14” By-Pass shocks and 3.0 14” Coil-Overs shocks

™Rear Suspension:   4.0 18” By-Pass shocks and 3.0 16” Coil-Over shocks

™Seats:   SPARCO

™Tires:   BFGoodrich 39×13.50×17 KR2

™Wheels:   KMC

™Radio:   PCI RACE RADIOS Kenwood 110W and Intercom

™Navigation:   Two Lowrance GPS by PCI RACE RADIOS