Baja Racing

For a lot of people who race, plan to race or hope to race in Southern Baja, it is sometimes a little difficult to find the information that you are looking for in English. This is one of the issues that we are trying to address here.

On these pages you find the information that we can get of the races that we take part in, however keep an eye on our “NEWS” section for updates, or sign up for our newsletter.

Southern Baja’s Off Road Racing has SO much to offer, mostly because it is the State’s biggest sport, and Baja has more off road racers than anywhere else in the world per capita. Baja offers naturally stunning and breathtaking trails and sites, but more so, the people of Baja are whom truly shine.

There is a great atmosphere between racers, almost everyone here s a fan and there are a lot of fabrication and prep shops. If you haven’t race in Southern Baja yet, consider it! In a lot of instances, if you have your prep and chase done here, it will probably end up a lot cheaper than race in the US, and add to that great trails and beautiful scenery. Contact us for more information on how we can help make you part of the B.C.S. Race scene!

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