Sammy’s Birthday Bash

What has definitely become one of the most important dates in Cabo each year is Sammy Hagar’s birthday at his little Cantena, the Cabo Wabo! Fans line up and camp along the street for days prior to the event in the hope of scoring a ticket, and it has to be said, it is well worth it. Yes, Sammy is a legend, yes, Sammy and his band play some of the best rock songs written in Rock history but most of all, Sammy himself is absolutely INCREDIBLE! At 69 years old, he has the energy, health and drive that would make most of the people half his age envious! He was absolutely OFF THE HOOK, going from hit to hit to hit, blowing people away with both his vocals and his ripping guitar solos. And he never tires of being a smart businessman, as not only has he built one of the most visited and popular night spots in Cabo, now, after selling his tequila brand Cabo Wabo to the Camapri group for a hefty sum, after launching his own brand of Beach Rum, he not only has launched a new brand of Tequila “SANTOS”, but a new concept by naming it Mexquila, the mix of the words Tequila and Mezcal ( a tequila made outside of the area of Tequila Jalisco).


We hope to be able to see Sammy rock it in person, en su casa, for many, many years to come!