TANOM/ No Limits Baja Racing in 2017.

As the 2017 Southern Baja Off Road Race season has taken off, TANOM / No Limits Baja Racing is working hard, however, were absent from the first race of the season in Los Barriles, which is always one of the most scenic and beautiful races of the season.

In 2016, we made a team decision to race in both top off road race classes, in Trophy Truck and in Class 1, and even though we had some very good results, it just seemed to be one of those seasons in which plenty of beasts seem to rear their ugly heads…  The Trophy Truck, which was in its first real race season, kept surprising us with needing more work than expected or by having some doubtful components appear. We suffered from major engine, transmission and underdrive issues, that seemed to always perform perfectly during testing, yet keep us away from a good finish on race day. As most team owners know, when purchasing a race vehicle, there are so many unknown moving parts that need attention or replacement that only come to light when accumulating race miles!

In the Class 1, we suffered from a lot of interim electrical problems. The problem with interim difficulties is just that: they are tough to pin point, and kept throwing us curve balls during the races, keeping us away from the clean, trouble free race that we all dream of, and that, perhaps one should say fortunately, we have become accustom to. Even so, we were able to lead the Championship all the way until the last, ninth race, where more difficulties set us back, and lead us to a third place Podium Championship finish.

Due to the above factors, and that last year’s 9 race Championship which left us very little time to make any major changes to the race vehicles, we as TANOM Racing and No Limits Baja, decided to back off a little this season, taking the needed time to completely disassemble the Class 1 harness and look into some of the Trophy Truck’s components.

Consequently, we will not race all the Southern Baja Off Road Championship races, and thus, do not expect to be a contender for the Championship, although we will be racing a few select races this year, most probably the Dos Mares 500 which is rumored to offer a slightly different, more technical course, and the Coyote 300. As always, we will do our utmost to represent our sponsors in the best light possible in any events that we enter, as TANOM Racing has become a fan favorite in Southern Baja and we hope not to disappoint.

We are also considering participating in this 50th Anniversary of the SCORE Baja 1000, which will be over 1,300 miles of point to point racing, either in one of the TANOM Racing vehicles, or in conjunction with another team. We hope to have some more news on this front for you soon!

Huge thanks as always go out to all our sponsors for their great products and support, as well to all the crew and fans. We look forward to have our Red Steed out in the desert again soon!