The 50th Anniversary SCORE Baja 1000: The Race !

TANOM Racing join forces with Emiliano Fuenzalida and PARADISE Motorsports in the Paradise Trophy Truck 55, for this grueling and challenging race.


All the members of the Team Tanom Racing greatly miss our dear friend and team mate HUGO DOMINGUEZ. We would have loved to have shared the excitement of the 2017 Baja 1000 with him, and remember him dearly, and thank him for looking after us from above.


A video about the end of the TANOM RACING / NO LIMITS BAJA 2016 Southern Baja Off Road Race Season.



The original LORETO 400 trail, RUTA LAS MISIONES came back in 2016… with a tad of water however…



VOX German TV came to dins out a little more about Off Road Racing with TANOM RACING in Rancho Los Hornitos, Cabo San Lucas.



A collection of TANOM Racing 2015 & start of 2016 shots with Sandy Hall & Andrea Tomba in TT #90 and Class 1 130.


A little “Oooops” moment caught by a fan on a mobile phone, at Los Planes, at the Coyote 300,

with Andrea not fully taking into account exactly HOW slowly, Sandy, in the co-driver seat in this one,

want him to approach this kicker jump….

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TANOM RACING take part in the JIMCO Dominator in SCORE’s Baja Sur 500:



Dos Mares 500 2016 Videos

Take a look at the Trophy Truck and Class 1 effort for this tough Dos Mares 500

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Look at Thomas Steuer and gang try off road racing for the first time in Class 8 Open

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A briefer resume of the TANOM’s Racing road to winning the Southern baja Class 1 Championship in 2015

Watch Recap


Have a look at the TEAM TANOM RACING /No Limits Baja 2015’s season recap and their plans for the 2016 season.

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Glance at the start of the 2015 TANOM RACING season in Class 1.



Take a look at some of the footage of Andrea Tomba racing for No Limits Baja as he achieves hs 5th consecutive Class 8 Open Championship.

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Whale watching with No Limits Baja
Take a look at this great video put together by our dear friend Gabi Locker following his 15 day No Limits Baja excursion, where the No Limits crew had to call in some special help from pretty special guests to make this trip even more unbelievable!!!
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45th Edition TECATE SCORE Baja 1000
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Here are a couple of very nice promotional videos of our Southern section of the Peninsula.
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Short Course Racing
You been wondering what a local short course race looks like…
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