Come in to read about Off Road Racing in Southern Baja, no holds barred and NO LIMITS! Step in and get ready to get dirty…


So this is probably what most of you want to see, which is what we drive to have fun in Baja. Take a look at the TANOM Racing trucks and buggies as well as the No Limits Baja Off Road ready fleet that can make your dirty dreams come true.


In our NEWS section, we will keep you up to date with the upcoming events and race results, in English, which is sometimes difficult to find. Contact us if you have any questions, or if you want to come and try a race first hand.


Take a look at the many different ways for you to discover Baja on and Off Road with No Limits Baja Adventures with our experienced guides. Come alone, or share your experience with your friends or family. There is SO MUCH more to Baja than just off road, like great boutique hotels, beautiful hidden spots and breathtaking beaches.


Venturing out into the unknown, or even the lesser known can sometimes be daunting, but don’t let that stop you from exploring, enjoying and perhaps truly living! When was the last time that you tried something for the first time or saw something unexpected?



Over twenty years of Baja experience

So why do we do it? It is very difficult, extremely difficult I should say, to put into into words, or even pictures, what it is to live Off Road Racing in Baja. It is more than just a sport, it is a religion, it is a way of life, and it is the most addictive drug there is out there! It is not just about cars and going fast, it is not just about adrenaline and excitement. it is about beautiful places and even more beautiful people, discovering new, hidden places during your pre runs, and finding many moments and locations where simplicity and humility overcome any of the modern luxuries often demanded. Visiting a land that keeps divulging new obstacles and new challenges to be tackled, it is always a constant adventure, and always grabs your full attention, your complete focus, far away from your smartphone or tablet. In Baja, things are always changing, and the only thing that you can always expect is the unexpected… It embraces all your senses, and actually revive some that you may not have felt for a while. Because that is the true magic of Baja, when visited the NO LIMITS BAJA way… You don’t just visit it… You see it, you taste it, you smell it, you feel it, you truly live it!


Over 20 years in Baja travel & Leisure industry


Over 10 accumulated Championships


Traveling ourselves, and working as guides, we now Baja better than most


Somebody said that if you want to do something well, love what you do! And that we do!


These are the people that share their love for BAJA & Racing!

Team Manager – Driver & Co-Driver

Coming from Europe, Andrea has been living and working in the Baja tourism industry since 1994. He started racing off road in 1995, and the rest is history.

Team Owner, Driver & Co-Driver

Sandy discovered Baja 2006, and in 2011, Sandy decided to favor the dirt side of racing, and bought a race-designed Polaris Razor and started to race in Class 18, and is now racing Trophy Truck!

Crew chief & Co-driver.

Pio is not only the crew chief who is in charge of keeping all our race and chase trucks getting the best prep available, however is love and pride in off road racing shines through everyday.

Team Manager – Driver & Co-Driver

Roberto has gained lots of racing and co-driving experience, as varied as co-driving for winning Class 16, Class 12 and Class 1 teams, to navigating though one of the toughest races in the world- the Dakar!


See what our clients say about us

Very few letters have I written to recommend an organization in my 24 year career, but in this instance I am compelled to do so! Just straight out What an over the top experience is all I can say…physically..mentally..spiritually…and most significant of all, humbled by the power and majesty of the desert! In closing, rare to find a group of professional and safety conscious people these days! My hats off to you… Your team consisting of real Baja Racers and crew were just fantastic!!!! Do not miss the chance to take a tour of the greatest God made off road adventure region ever!!!!! But make sure it is with No Limits Baja Adventures!!!! Or you will miss the real Baja experience…”

Bobby Giblaint / TX, Raced Class 8

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Andrea Tomba and ATR. The vehicles are exceptional! They are fast, safe, challenging and forgiving. The off road tours that ATR plans are custom designed, each trip is different. The novice driver and the more experienced off road enthusiast, will both have a ‘bucket list’ day! Andrea knows Baja, you will see ranches and arroyos and scenery that you never could imagine existed in the area. We saw a whole new view of Baja, met some great people, ate the best food! ATR is addicting!”

Rory King / CSL, Raced Class 7

I have to admit that I was a little more nervous than I expected at first… There are a lot of different things to deal with when you are up for your first race! But it is comforting to know that you have professionals by your side, who walk you through every step, so that you know what to expect. You don’t just feel like a part of a race team, you feel like part of a true family! What started out as a “lets see what this is like” turned into three season of full racing, including a runner up Championship trophy! I can’t wait to get back down for some more racing with good friends and true professionals!”

Chad Faulkner / CA, Raced Class 6 & Class 8

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