Tanom Racing getting ready for the Coyote 300

Tanom Racing is getting ready for a busy Coyote 300, with Sandy Hall trying to make up for the electrical problems that presented themselves in the Dos Mares 500, unfortunately giving him a DNF, which knocked Sandy down from 1st to 3rd place in TT Championship standing.


Andrea Tomba will try to hold on to the lead in Class 1, although the competitors are snapping at his heels, with only a few points separating the first 3 places.


In Class 15, Tony Willie will come and experience the reality of baja Off Road Desert racing, in the VW powered Class 15 JIMCO.

Come down ad join us for contingency on the Malecon on the 17th of June and race start at Fidepaz at 8:30am on the 18th, with the timed start at 10:00am at H1Km36.


This is the current Championship standing:

Championshi standing to Dos Mares 500