The 2016 Dos Mares 500 rocks the Southern Baja as 193 four wheel teams show up for battle.

Maybe it was because SCORE cancelled their Southern Baja race…? Maybe it was because the three different Southern Baja Race organizers finally came together…? Or maybe it was simply because this race continues to be one of the year’s favorite races, for locals as for other National and International racers too!

TANOM Racing / No Limits Baja Off Road presented three vehicle, Sandy Hall in the #90 Trophy Truck, Andrea Tomba in the #130 Class 1, both leading their class, and Columbian racer Thomas Steuer and team came to try out the Baja dirt in Class 8.

It was a tough race for most, including TANOM Racing. The Trophy Truck suffered electrical problems around race mile 200, which didn’t allow if to finish the race unfortunately.

#130 was having a good, clean race, even after dealing with a lot of dust in the Sea of Cortez section, and really started to have fun on the Pacific side as they finally got some clean air. However, the race gremlins had it into for them to, as the throttle sensor started playing up and co-driver Pio had to change it over, before they could get moving again before El Conejo, giving them 5th place in 5:42:37

Thomas and crew did a great job in their first ever Baja desert experience, however were delayed significantly when the pitman arm broke. However, showing true Baja grit, they refused to give in, and sent the part to be welded, and then had it brought back. And even if the work made the miss the checkpoint, they never gave up and took their stead all the way to the finish… just 10 minutes after it closed.

A great race and a real challenge as always. The results left the championships very, very, tight!

See you all in the Coyote 300!