A Fan has his wish come true!

Our recent race Contingency at the Cabo 250 was unlike no other! It was absolutely packed with racers, vendors, fans and as we came through the arches at tech in the Dominator, we were embraced by fans wanting posters and stickers. A couple of weeks before the race a friend approached the team to say that that his 7 year old son received some of the best year end school results. As part of his year-end assignments he was to write a fairytale essay. His fairytale started with “Once upon a time there was this off road racer named Sandy Hall” and finished with “He won the Baja 1000 and lived happily ever after!”  When his father asked what he would like as a reward for his year-end school achievements, he stated that his dream was to accompany me in the race truck through Contingency!


It doesn’t matter how long you do this, it is hard to ever get used to the pure passion and love that the locals have for Off Road Racing. The fan engagement and support truly helps drive our passion to do what we do and we thank you for that! The love for Off Road Racing is instilled in people and within the kids in Baja, so thank you all for your support, and in particular, Luis Rodriguez Ruiz! Thank you for your continuing support and for accompanying us through contingency!