It’s getting hot in here!!!

Beating the Baja Summer Heat for both cars and drivers!

In the recent SCORE Baja 500, there were several cases of heat stroke, and drivers needing to get out of the vehicles because they simply couldn’t handle the heat. As we come into the strength of the Southern Baja summer, it is definitely a reminder of the extreme conditions that both racers and vehicles have to face when desert racing down here, as temperatures reach 100oF… in the shade! Even though races are shorter here than in SCORE, even so sitting in a truck for three to five hours, in a fire suit with fireproof underwear, with a helmet on and sitting 5 inches away from an engine working at close to 200oF… things get hot real quick.

This is when we are extremely grateful for the contribution from EVANS WATERLESS COOLANT ( )

Keeping an engine running as cool as possible in these harsh conditions is probably one of the most important factors for success in these endurance races.

Water is an excellent fluid for cooling as long as it remains in a liquid state, but when water turns to steam it has virtually no capacity for heat transfer. Evans waterless coolant is a superior fluid for transferring heat in engines because it remains in a liquid state until above 375°F—well above the operating temperature of an engine.

Evans waterless coolants will not boil around these engine hotspots, maintaining efficient cooling performance even when the engine is put under extreme conditions. When water turns to steam it pressurizes the cooling system, putting stress on hoses and other components. The significantly higher boiling point of Evans coolants means significantly less pressure than water, resulting in a less stressed cooling system.

Water contains oxygen, which causes corrosion and also allows electrolytic activity which further damages engine metals. Evans waterless coolants eliminate corrosion and electrolytic activity, significantly increasing the life of the engine.

We really couldn’t think of a reason why anybody putting their vehicles through any tough condition would NOT use this improved coolant in their system.

One of the other pretty important components that need to keep as cool and focused as possible are the two people sitting in the cab, the driver & co-driver. Heat and dehydration attacks a person’s ability to concentrate a lot faster and harder than you think, and it is surprising that amongst all the hype, a lot of the big “Energy Drinks” really do nothing to feed your body with elements to fight off Dehydration.

That is the reason that we were extremely pleased to be introduced to RYNOPOWER. Although the name may lead you to think of a sexual stimulant, the name stems from owner’s RYAN HUGHES nickname “RYNO”, as a relentless, determined and fierce motocross competitor. Ryan wanted to create a supplement line that addresses the needs of athletes in high impact sports, and did just that through RYNOPOWER. Different products will target different needs depending on your sport; however the one that has us all jazzed up right now is their new HYDRATION FUEL. This is a perfect, clean and healthy performance based electrolyte blend that can be used before, during and after the race. Great to keep in your camelback as it helps maintain your stamina, strength and concentration, whilst reducing muscle fatigue and decreasing the loss of amino acids in your body.

If you haven’t seen RYNOPOWER yet, take a look, we think that you will be very pleasantly surprised.